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FELLOWSHIP 2020-2022

Geo.X, GFZ Potdam and TU Berlin

Deciphering fault network evolution in continental rifts through deep learning analysis of geodynamic models and seismic data

Sascha Brune, Onno Oncken, Klaus-Robert Müller and Begüm Demir


GFZ Potsdam

Machine learning of geological structures in 3-D seismic reflection data and numerical models

Sascha Brune and Oliver Heidbach

FELLOWSHIP 2016-2019

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters &

The University of Bergen

Basement structures and Permo-Triassic rifting in the northern North Sea

Haakon Fossen, Robert L. Gawthorpe, Christopher A-L. Jackson and Rebecca E. Bell

POSTDOC 2015 - 2016

Imperial College, London
3-D discrete element modelling of normal fault growth above pre-existing structures
Rebecca E. Bell, Emma Finch, Christopher A-L. Jackson and Robert L. Gawthorpe

PHD 2011 - 2016

Imperial College, London
Silica diagenesis and physical properties of Cenozoic rocks in the North Viking Graben, northern North Sea
Christopher A-L. Jackson, Mads Huuse and Kevin G. Taylor

MSC 2006-2011

Christian-Albrechts-Universität, Kiel


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